Emergence DAO

Scout Bees Referral Program (1st Phase)

Beehives need a constant supply of nectar and pollen to be successful in producing honey – an energy-rich food source for bees even during the winter.
This is where the scout bees come in.
Scout bees search out new food sources and communicate to others the quality of it and the potential for a new nest site location through a dance – bees’ language.
Similarly, as a beehive needs a food source, any investment DAO needs a constant supply of capital to emerge, grow and become more powerful in the achievement of its goals.
Every cent deposited into the Emergence BTC strategy feeds the Emergence DAO Treasury which then allows DAO to make significant donations to non-profit funds that save wild bees, issue grants for DAO’s community members, build new connections, and perform marketing campaigns.
That’s why assets under management (AUM) should be the main metric for every member in Emergence DAO.
To highlight a value that goes from every community member and increase the main Emergence DAO’s metric (AUM) – we are unveiling a special referral program.