Emergence DAO

2nd Phase of Emergence DAO

As part of the second phase, additional hives will emerge, competing amongst themselves to further improve trading performance.
Anyone would be able to launch their own hives. Each hive would be made up of different components and include various members. Some would be larger, others would be smaller. Some might be open while others would be by-invitation-only. Yet they all would be evaluated based on results.
Other natural systems would serve as inspiration for different trading strategies.
For example, anthills could be the model for decentralised, high-frequency traders. Mushroom mycelium could be DeFi strategies. All these different systems would compete for shares of assets allocated by DAO members.
All these parts — hives, anthills, myceliums — would be united into an organisational and technological system with additional DAO-wide symbiotic roles. This greater diversity of roles could include providing treasury management, legal wrappers, strategy curation, and more.
The timing of the 2nd Phase would depend on the results of the 1st Phase.
All valuable participants of the 1st Phase will be rewarded by tokens that will power the 2nd Phase.