Emergence DAO


The Emergence DAO’s mission is to save bees.
Isn’t that a small problem when there is climate change, wars, and rising inflation?
No, dying bees are the biggest global challenge we face. If bees disappear, other problems will become 100x worse.
These few facts illustrate the importance of bees:
  • 1 in 3 meals we eat are made possible by bees: fruits, vegetables, berries, and nuts, even coffee.
  • The total value of crops pollinated by honey bees is $265 billion a year.
  • If all bees were to die out, thousands of plants would die, causing massive starvation across the world and even more armed conflicts.
The bees are in trouble.
Since 2006, the colony collapse disorder has affected honey bees around the world.
One of the reasons is microscopic mites that plague beehives. Coupled with additional stressors from human activity — pesticides, loss of habitat, and climate change — these factors compound and destroy bees.
The problem does not solely revolve around honey bees in particular.
Thousands of other species of wild bees are at an even greater risk. These bees specialise in pollinating certain types of plants. For example, only wild bumblebees pollinate potatoes, tomatoes, and eggplants.
But, there is hope.
Saving bees starts with small steps such as keeping a bee garden (not a beehive!) and supporting local organic agriculture. Bigger steps involve research, natural remedies for sick bees, and global efforts to move away from large-scale industrial agriculture.
All of these steps require money.
To be charitable we need to be profitable.
That’s where Emergence DAO comes in: learning from nature to help nature.