Emergence DAO

Core Team

Emergence DAO is the vision and the work of a group of people with experience in the Collective Intelligence and crypto asset management back to 2015.
The core group of early contributors to Emergence DAO are founders, employees, and community members of Cindicator - the crypto fintech startup with great traction, history, and trust from the community.
Since 2015, they have studied the phenomena of the wisdom of the crowd, the crowd of crowds, and superforecasters. They merged those ideas with mathematical algorithms to trade crypto and traditional markets. They collected millions of data points, trained dozens of ML models, and tested hundreds of trading strategies.
These interests always went hand in hand with a passion for learning from natural intelligence systems. For 7 years, natural principles guided the team through major milestones: launching the first quant hedge fund powered by Hybrid Intelligence, releasing the Stoic app to give the hedge fund edge to anybody, and providing data across 300,000 Bloomberg terminals.
All these ideas and experiences formed an intricate fractal that led to Emergence DAO.
On this journey, they gathered a community of over 179,000 crypto forecasters. Products built by these people manage over $129 million on behalf of HNWI, crypto OGs, and retail investors alike.
You can meet all these key contributors in Discord.
In a DAO, however, titles don’t matter. Even names, biographies, and past achievements are secondary. What matters is contribution.
The bulk of Emergence DAO contribution comes from individual analysts and forecasters (the ‘bees’). Some of them have made market predictions since 2015. Trades based on these predictions generated a total profit of +244% since 2020.
Emergence DAO is an open system. Anyone can join: it’s as easy as installing an app on your phone or allocating the funds for effective crypto asset management. Anyone who is good, rises through the ranks, regardless of formal degrees and other credentials.
We invite you to join our mission to save bees.