Emergence DAO


What is Emergence DAO?

Emergence is a gamified DAO where bees (forecasters) bring nectar (predict Bitcoin price) and beekeepers (investors) collect honey (money).
Bees make market predictions. Beekeepers allocate crypto into a strategy that uses the beehive’s predictions. At the end of each month, if the hive makes money, the best bees earn crypto and beekeepers get the profit.
DAO’s ultimate goal is more than money. We want to save wild bees — it’s the most pressing problem that humanity faces right now.
Emergence is a DAO that gamifies crypto trading.
The two most important roles are bees and beekeepers.
  • Bees: Make weekly market predictions and if they’re accurate, earn crypto.
  • Beekeepers: Allocate crypto to a trading strategy that uses the beehive’s prediction. If the hive is profitable, they get the honey (money).

Why bees?

Each bee is tiny and fragile but together the beehive is a powerful and smart organism.
The beehive collects nectar from as far as 5 miles (8 km) away. If one bee finds some flowers, she can communicate this to others through dance. Other bees then form elaborate networks to collect nectar from huge distances.
The market works the same way.
Each trader brings some information and expresses it by buying or selling. Other traders can pick up on the cues and form new trends. The market aggregates this information and expresses the current view of the value of whatever is traded.
By going back to nature’s principles, DAO can make the market more efficient — and make money.
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